The Delay 

of Motherhood

In a nationwide survey, 79% of women who became mothers at 35 or older said they would make the same choice again, despite significant fertility challenges.

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inform your benefit strategy 

Discover the top reasons women delay motherhood and how your organization’s family-building solution may (or may not be) supporting the talented women in your workforce.  


Delay of


Without an inclusive and comprehensive family-building benefit solution to support the women in your workforce who share this perspective, your company could be at risk for losing talented employees to the competition, failing to achieve DEI goals, and underperforming financially. 

Read the full report to find out how today’s modern women prioritize work with starting or growing a family, and if your current benefit solution is hitting—or missing—the mark.

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achieve retention and acquisition goals

81% feel it’s important for an employer to provide fertility benefits and comprehensive support—when they do, 61% of employees report feeling more loyal.  

improve your bottom line

Inclusive and comprehensive family-building benefits that support early fertility planning (versus later fertility treatments) can increase your organization’s ROI. 




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