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comprehensive family well-being coverage is a non-negotiable for employees

54% of large US employers covered IVF in 2022—up from 36% in 2015. The successful adoption of family-building benefits set a new precedent for the kinds of benefits employers offer to their workforces. Today, only 59% of global employees acknowledge that their current benefits align with their needs and 40% of employers say workers leave their current jobs for a role with better benefits.

Early Fertility Support, Including Egg Freezing

In 2024, we’ve seen firsthand, the world’s leading companies expanding their benefit strategies to meet the evolving needs and expectations of their employees. Doing so, allows them to compete for top talent, foster employee loyalty, boost workplace productivity, lower costs, and maximize ROI—all key to driving long-term success of a business.  

comprehensive family well-being solutions are a top priority in 2024

Top Family Well-Being Solutions in 2024

Inclusive and Culturally-Aware Family-Building 

Menopause & Andropause Support 

Child Development & Parenting Support 

Maternity & Doula Support

of employees would stay at their company longer with access to fertility and family-building benefits

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of women reported taking time off due to menopause symptoms—18% for eight weeks or more

of organizations currently offer coverage for maternal care to improve outcomes for Black women, and 20% are considering adding such coverage

of parental support needs are still unmet by employer benefits and health plans

“Partnering with WIN to provide a comprehensive and inclusive program designed to help support our employees with family building and healthy aging reflects our commitment to fostering a workplace where employees feel supported in their personal journeys. WIN excels in providing comprehensive support for our employees with a high degree of care and guidance.”

— Head of Compensation & Benefits—Americas Region, Siemens Energy

the employee benefit landscape is on the cusp of an evolution—organizations have to evolve with it

As Gen Z enters the workplace, Gen Y millennials are building or postponing building families, and Gen X is juggling work and caregiving responsibilities. 

This paradigm shift in employee expectations is one of many driving forces behind the demand for change in benefit solutions. It aligns with the ongoing transition to multi-generational workforces and the heightened competition among organizations vying for top talent, leading employees across all industries to seek benefits that support all stages of life.

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Family-Building & Family Well-Being Solutions That Pay for Themselves

The ROI of Supporting Employees Through All Stages of Life

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Compensation alone doesn’t build the kind of engagement, sense of belonging, and drive ROI the way a well-designed benefit program can. Discover everything you need to know about how your current benefit strategy may be supporting your employees—or falling short.

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